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Disposable Cervical Ripening Balloon

  • HH04

  • HH04

HH04 Disposable Cervical Ripening Balloon


• Shorten the process of birth, reduce the pain of parturition

• Medical grade material ensures the highest level of safety

•Obvious effect on promoting the cervix ripening

•Ripens and dilates the cervix without pharmaceuticals

•Silicone body material eliminates the issue of patient sensitively to latex

1.Use a speculum to expose the cervix, insert the distal end of the balloon catheter into thecervix, and ensure that both balloons pass through the internal cervical orifice;

2.Fill the uterine balloon with 40m saline (red filling port);

3.After filling, pull the balloon backward until the uterine balloon is close to the internal cervicaorifice;

4.At this time, the guiding balloon can be seen at the external cervical orifice, fill the guidingballoon with 20 m of normal saline, take out the speculum, and then inject 20 m of normal saline,

5.After confirming that the balloon is placed on both sides of the cervix, fill it with normal saline(according to the injection volume of 20ml each time, gradually increase or decrease the volumeof each balloon by 80ml)



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