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Spandex Elastic Bandage MC200

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Spandex Elastic Bandage
Spandex elastic bandage is made of spandex and cotton threads.
Selvaged,with fixed ends,has permanent elasticity.
For treatment,after-care and prevention of recurrence of working and sports injuries,after-care
of varicose veins damage and operation as well as for therapy of vein insufficiency.
◆Advantages:high elasticity,washable,sterilizable,non-aging. Extensibility is about 180%.
Each bandage is wrapped individually in a waterproof bag.The outer package is strong
cardboard carton to keep best storing condition.

Art number                    Specifications(cm)
MC200-P.S.W-21113              5x450
MC200-P.S.W-21123             7.5x450
MC200-P.S.W-21133              10x450
MC200-P.S.W-21153              15x450
MC200-C.S.W-21213               5x450
MC200-C.S.W-21223             7.5x450
MC200-C.S.W-21233              10x450
MC200-C.S.W-21253              15x450
MC200-P.S.B-21313                5x450
MC200-P.S.B-21323               7.5x450
MC200-P.S.B-21333                10x450
MC200-P.S.B-21353                15x450
MC200-C.S.B-21413                 5x450
MC200-C.S.B-21423               7.5x450
MC200-C.S.B-21433               10x450
MC200-C.S.B-21453               15x450
MC200-P.S.C-21513                5x450
MC200-P.S.C-21523               7.5x450
MC200-P.S.C-21533               10x450
MC200-P.S.C-21553               15x450
MC200-C.S.C-21613                5x450
MC200-C.S.C-21623               7.5x450
MC200-C.S.C-21633               10x450
MC200-C.S.C-21653               15x450
MC200-C.S.BC-21713              5x450
MC200-C.S.BC-21723            7.5x450
MC200-C.S.BC-21733             10x450
MC200-C.S.BC-21753             15x450
Remarks:P.S.W:natural white,plain   C.S.W:natural white,crepe
            P.S.B:blanching white,plain C.S.B:blainching white,crepe
            P.S.C:flesh color,plain         C.S.C:flesh color,crepe
            C.S.BC:with color edge
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