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P.B.T Elastic Bandage MC202

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P.B.T Elastic Bandage(Plain or Crepe)
P.B.T bandage is made of natural fibre,the material is soft and thin,with high elasticity.
High elasticity,the joint will not be confined after use P.B.T,will not cause bad blood circulation and
movement of the joint,Permeable,will not condense moisture at the wound,convient for carry.
P.B.T bandages have wide usage,suitable for the use of binding all parts of the body,outdoors
practice,first-aid swaddle and soft tissue damage.
Each bandage is wrapped individually in a waterproof bag.The outer package is strong cardboard
carton to keep best storing condition.

Art number             Specifications(cm)
MC202-P.B.T-23113       5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23123      7.5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23133      10x450
MC202-P.B.T-23153      15x450
MC202-P.B.T-23213      5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23223      7.5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23233      10x450
MC202-P.B.T-23253      15x450
MC202-P.B.T-23313      5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23323      7.5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23333      10x450
MC202-P.B.T-23353      15x450
MC202-P.B.T-23413      5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23423      7.5x450
Art number                Specifications(cm)
MC202-P.B.T-23433        10x450
MC202-P.B.T-23453        15x450
MC202-P.B.T-23513         5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23523        7.5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23533        10x450
MC202-P.B.T-23553        15x450
MC202-P.B.T-23613         5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23623        7.5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23633        10x450
MC202-P.B.T-23653        15x450
MC202-P.B.T-23713        5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23723        7.5x450
MC202-P.B.T-23733        10x450
MC202-P.B.T-23753        15x450



231 thin type whitest plain

232 thin type whitest,crepe
233 thin type blanching white plain

234 thin type natural white with figure
235 thick type natural white plain

236 thick type whitest plain
237 thick type blanching white plain


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