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Orthopaedic Padding MC199

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Orthopaedic Padding
Orthopaedic padding is the wide-used supporting material for surgery and swaddling of
plaster of paris bandages.
Made of natural or synthetic non-woven fabrics or cotton.
Soft,smooth and conformable to the body's shape.It is tearable and featherable,has
low moisture retention,and is porous enough to allow air circulation and to reduce skin
It can be used under all types of casting materials,providing effective,comfortable and
safe casting.
Each bandage is wrapped in a polyethylene sleeve,twelve bandages are packed in a
sealed polyethylene bag.

Art number                Specifications(cm)
MC199-P.B.N-31111           5x270
MC199-P.B.N-31121         7.5x270
MC199-P.B.N-31131          10x270
MC199-P.B.N-31151          15x270
MC199-P.B.N-31161          20x270
MC199-P.B.N-31112           5x300
MC199-P.B.N-31122         7.5x300
MC199-P.B.N-31132          10x300
MC199-P.B.N-31152          15x300
MC199-P.B.N-31162          20x300
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