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Cotton Elastic Bandage MC203

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Cotton Elastic Bandage
Manufactured to the national specifications,white or bleached with non-fraying lenobound
Good skin tolerance,comfortable to wear,permeable to air,absorbent.
For after-care of operation and working injuries,soft tissue fractures and joint swelling,etc.
Each bangage is wrapped individually in a waterproof bag.The outer package is strong
cardboard carton to keep best storing condition.

Art number               Specifications(cm)
MC203-C.P.C-24116            5x400
MC203-C.P.C-24126           7.5x400
MC203-C.P.C-24136           10x400
MC203-C.P.C-24156           15x400
MC203-C.P.C-24115            5x450
MC203-C.P.C-24125           7.5x450
MC203-C.P.C-24135            10x450
MC203-C.P.C-24155            15x450
MC203-C.P.C-24216             5x400
MC203-C.P.C-24226            7.5x400
MC203-C.P.C-24236            10x400
MC203-C.P.C-24256            15x400
MC203-C.P.C-24215             5x450
MC203-C.P.C-24225            7.5x450
MC203-C.P.C-24235             10x450
MC203-C.P.C-24255             15x450
MC203-C.P.C-24316              5x400
MC203-C.P.C-24326             7.5x400
MC203-C.P.C-24336              10x400
MC203-C.P.C-24356              15x400
MC203-C.P.C-24315               5x450
MC203-C.P.C-24325             7.5x450
MC203-C.P.C-24335              10x450
MC203-C.P.C-24355              15x450


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