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Disposable Medical Devices - Management Principles 2013-12-09

To prevent the disposable medical equipment supplies into the community or reuse , to prevent cross- infection, protect the health safety. In general , from the purchase, storage, use, to deal with all aspects of the management of disposable medical equipment supplies need to follow these five principles.

1 disposable medical supplies purchased strictly . Before Disposable Medical Supplies purchased by the use of a written application to the department to write the report , and then focus on the organizational review by the Office of hospital procurement audit , check the manufacturer three cards are complete , the manufacturer must be certified by the state . Finally unified medical equipment purchased by the department . Hospital purchase single-use sterile medical supplies must be issued a " Medical Device Manufacturing Enterprise License" from the get provincial drug supervision and management departments , " industrial production permit ", "medical device product registration card ," and the health administration department issued Health Permit Document production enterprises or made ??" medical device Distribution Enterprise License " business enterprise purchasing qualified products ; imported sterile disposable catheters and other medical supplies should have the drug regulatory department issued a " medical device product registration card ." . Do purchase, storage, a library strictly use only after payment confirmation .

2 disposable medical equipment supplies kept strictly out of the library . Purchase of Medical Leg Bags is consistent with the contract , in line three certificates , after inspection by the custodian storage preservation. According to the manufacturer production date , name , shelf layers of classification placement. Shelf off the ground 20 cm, from the wall 10 cm, kept at room temperature 18 ℃ ~ 20 ℃. After the product purchase, ask for biological testing report , released only after verification of correct clinical use . Packing found a leak , damage can not be released for use. And timely contact with the relevant departments to replace or terminate the contract .

3 disposable medical supplies strictly enforce health standards . Sterile products shall not contain any microorganisms , disinfection of medical products shall not contain pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria count ≤ 20 cfu/m3.

4 . The supply room on the purchase of Medical Disposable Syringe carefully recorded . Every purchase of disposable medical supplies time , manufacturers, specifications, models, production batch , sterilization batch number, expiration date , each batch of biological test report provided by the manufacturer , and the use of the department , issuing person , department head signatures registration confirmation be sent to clinical use, disposable medical supplies to make use of traceability , thus better protect the health safety. According to the clinical needs of the fixed supply room in the form of small packages sent to the ward.

5 . Supplies disposable medical devices using the principle of " first in first out " of . Disposable medical equipment supplies valid for six months or less to make use red card warning signs , contact clinical use, in order to avoid wasting too valid.