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Medical Plastic, Wide spread in Medical Field 2013-11-27

Medical plastic is vey popular in people's sight, for it has taken a really dominant role in hospital. As a consequence, it helps the patient get a better treatment. Compared with the medical products which are made of the metal and glass, the medical plastics are in lower costs and can be reused without disinfection. They can be used to as the raw materials of the medical disposables. Besides, medical plastic is simply processed, and medical plastic suppliers are able to process them into different shapes, while medical products which are made of metal and glass are very hard to make the Disposable Medical Plastics with complex structure. What's more, such kind of the product is the disposable plastic that shares the advantages of tough and tensile, high resilience, and it is not very easy for it to be smash as the glass product. Furthermore, the medical plastic has a very favorable chemical inertness and biological security。

Well, with so many favorable properties and superior qualities, many Medical plastic manufacturer have enjoyed frequent usage in medical field; these products mainly include PVC, PE, PP, PS PC, ABS and so on. They are extensively used in the hospitable and have brought many benefits to medical improvement. So in the following a would like to give descriptions about some of the common varieties, then you can gain some knowledge so that next time when you come across them you will not feel strange.

PVC is one of the most used medical plastics. With different uses, we can add different additives so that the Medical catheter supplies will show up various physical properties and mechanical properties. When we add some moderate plasticizer into PVC resin, we can build all kinds of hardness type, soft type and transparency type. Hard PVC contains less plasticizer with a better bending resistance, crush resistance, and shock resistance, which can be alone used to be structural materials. While soft PVC contains more PVC, which increases the limpness, elongation at break, and cold endurance, but with low fragility, hardness, and strength of extension.

PE is anther medical plastic which enjoys largest production. The features of this variety are very cheap with good performance. In addition, they have been widely spread in industry, agriculture, and package. Products in this kind have taken a decisive role in medical plastic market.

Medical plastic has made a great contribution to our medical field. With the extensively usage, our medical care has taken a tremendous advancement. In the meanwhile, patients can get a better care now and they are benefit from the coming out of it.