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Classification of Disposable Medical Supplies 2013-11-18

Disinfection and hygiene of medical supplies is extremely important for people's life and health. In the past a lot of AIDS and hepatitis B and other blood diseases are caused because of the repeated use of syringes, infusion sets and some other medical supplies. Along with the development of medical career around the world, almost all the qualified hospitals have replaced the old instruments with disposable medical supplies, and thus eliminate the spread of infectious diseases at the most fundamental.

Different country has distinct means of classification; however, they are consistent in general content. Disposable Medical Plastics refer to a variety of products, which are used once and then discarded. They might intrude deep into human tissue or in contact with the skin mucosal surfaces for therapeutic or diagnostic purpose. It can be divided into sterilized medical supplies and disinfectant medical supplies. Sterilization of medical supplies refer to the ones that are sterile, pyrogen-free, no abnormal toxicity, up to the standard and enter the body tissues, what's more, they must be approved by aseptic processing before they leave factory and directly put in use. Unlike the characters described above, Disinfection of medical supplies without non-toxic inspection could contact with the skin mucosal surface and must be sterilized before leaving the factory. All the disposable medical supplies should be used in the period of validity. They should be destructed once they are used and they are absolutely can not be reused in case of cross infection.

Medical plastic suppliers can be simply divided into several types as followed: the infusion category; the catheters; the diagnosis, treatment equipment category; the dialysis apparatus; the anesthesia apparatus; surgical towels, surgical dressing category; care equipment category and other classes. Among all the disposable medical supplies, disposable surgical blades, blood collection and blood transfusion set are the most commonly applied infusion category in clinical trials currently. Surgical kits, masks, shoe covers and so on are also widely used not only in clinical, but also in laboratory. Thus, the importance can not be ignored. Because of its wide range and large number in application, it must be carefully classified and managed.

Since they are classified as Gauze bandage manufacturers, they have some special characters distinct from the common ones. For example, the tradition materials of the infusion supplies PVC, because of the added plasticizer DEHP, becomes toxic, which is dangerous to human health and lost it meaning as disposable medical supplies. The purpose and advantage of classification should be better reflected.