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The brief introduction of the disposable medical articles 2013-11-11

The Disposable Medical Supplies articles refer to all kinds of medical articles which will be disposed after use, they will often be pierced into human tissue or touch with the skin surface mucosa. They are usually for the use of treatment or diagnosis. Before using them, we should follow strict disinfection process and sterilization process. The disposable medical articles have totally eight categories, including the infusion and injection category, the catheter category, the diagnosis and treatment category,the dialysis apparatus category,  the anesthesia apparatus category, the operation towel and topical application of drug category, the nursing equipment and other categories. I will introduce below in detail.

1. The infusion and injection category
This category is usually used for the purpose of infusion and injection. It includes Disposable Plastic Manufacturers, disposable sterile syringe with drug, disposable infusion device, disposable blood transfusion set, disposable blood collection bag, disposable blood collection equipment and so on.

2. The catheter category
This category includes all kinds of catheters, including disposable stomach catheter, disposable catheterization tube, disposable tracheal catheter, disposable anal catheter, etc.

3. The diagnosis and treatment category
This category includes the most medical articles, it is often used for the purpose of treatment and diagnosing all kinds of diseases. This category includes disposable urethral catheterization bag, disposable surgical blades, disposable spatula, disposable medical suture needle, disposable rhinoscope, disposable oxygen tube, to name just a few.

4. The dialysis apparatus category
This category is used for the purpose of dialysis, including disposable dialyzer and disposable dialysis tube.

5. The anesthesia apparatus category
This category includes disposable anesthesia catheter, disposable anesthesia needle and disposable anesthesia analgesic pump

6. The operation towel and topical application of drug category
This category includes disposable aseptic Medical Leg Bags, disposable medical operation gown, disposable single mat, disposable operation towel and disposable cotton ball.

7. The nursing equipment
This category includes disposable urinal and disposable bedpan ,to name just a few.

8. Other
Other medical articles include disposable sterile cotton swab, disposable sterile gauze and so on.

Our company is dedicated to producing all kinds of medical articles and we strictly follow all the cleaning and disinfection process as well as sterilization process, before the products are sold on the market, we will also follow strict approval and inspection process, so that our medical articles are one hundred percent safe ,you can use them without any worries. Choose us, we bring health to you!