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The Promising Future of Medical Plastic Products 2013-11-07
In order to meet the needs of the development of medical technology, medical plastic products industry is growing quickly. Currently, medical plastic products in the world have reached tens of thousand types. The technological content of products is increasing, which is also put forward higher requirements for medical plastic materials. This article summarizes the current development status of medical plastic materials and their products.

Plastics in the production of medical devices have been indispensable. Usually, the plastic products are used for diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation of health and other aspects, what we called is medical plastic products. Disposable Plastic Manufacturers industry is an emerging industry which grows with the development of modern medicine. Over the past 20 years, with the development of medical devices, Disposable Medical Supplies in the medical industry play an increasingly important role. In 1997, the worldwide medical equipment output has reached $137billion, while the medical plastic products accounted for the share of 15%.

Chinese medical plastic products started late. In 1970s, plastic infusion bags began to use in China. In 1987, the Ministry of Health issued “On the promotion of the use of disposable plastic infusion sets, blood transfusion devices and syringes notice”. And after that, all kinds of medical plastic products have developed rapidly. According to relevant statistics, the current enterprises national production of Medical plastics manufacturer has reached more than 600. Chinese medical plastic register products are mainly concentrated in the infusion sets, syringes and laboratory supplies and so on, while the oxygenator, dialyzer and a variety of intubation are relatively few. It can be seen that China's medical plastic products mainly rely on large quantities, low-technology, small value-added. And Chinese high-technology products such as membrane oxygenator, blood purifier and various catheters are much less advanced than foreign similar products.

In developed countries, Medical plastic manufacturer have been one of the important indicators included in national plastics industry. In the United States, its medical plastic production had more than 1 million tons in 1986 and their sales reached $2 billion; in Japan, its medical plastic production has reached 2 billion and sales of 1900 billion yen. At present, the consumption of medical plastic in the developed countries is growing at an annual rate of 5.8%. The biggest advantages of medical plastic are cheap, good processing performance, using conventional process, and partial can be recyclable regeneration. Along with the continuous development of medical science and technology, breakthrough research about biology technology and more attention to health people paid, the application of the medical plastic has been throughout the medical field and increasingly replaces traditional inorganic materials. In the next few years, the medical industry demand for medical plastics will greatly exceed the glass, metals and other materials.